Freedom To Shine Experience

The Freedom To Shine Experience is about so much more than beautiful photos, although you do get them too. The Freedom To Shine Experience is all about YOU! It’s about seeing yourself in a whole new way. It’s about coming into the studio feeling nervous (as most people do) and walking out with a spring in your step and a new found appreciation of you as a woman. The woman who has survived the trials and triumphs of life. The photos are ‘just’ the evidence that you actually ARE beautiful, just the way you are.

The following photos are a series of sneak peeks from the Albatross Photography and Design Facebook page with permission to share.

Thank you so much to these beautiful women for allowing me to share their photos. If at any point these woman ask me to take their photo down, it will be removed; no questions asked. The main rule in my studio is “Your Body, Your Rules” and that goes for any photos of you too. Photos will NOT be shared without permission, I promise!

The Freedom To Shine Experience is all about the woman in front of the camera after all and their trust is very important to me.

With Love, Kelly

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