Pet Portraits & Artworks

This is all about your beloved pets and their people. The only thing wrong with our pets is that they don’t live as long as those who love them. My goal is to capture them forever to look back on in years to come. I adore capturing the connection between pets and their people, so please consider taking part too. And since dogs must be on-lead while in the studio, you don’t have to be worried about your pooch’s behaviour during your photoshoot.



Until one has loved an animal 

a part of one’s soul remains unawakened



Custom Artworks are available to capture your pet’s personality.

How to book in?

To book in your session, fill out on my contact form or message me on Facebook.

I’ll be in touch with you to have a chat about your session and dates that suit.

A non-refundable fee of $95 is due at time of booking to secure your date. 

New Studio Offer Valid Until 30th June 2024.


Pet portrait sessions are $95 and include:


 * Session Planning and Styling Advice

* 1-1.5 hour Photoshoot

* Photo Reveal after the Photoshoot (this can be directly after your booking or at another time that suits better.

* Includes 1 8×10 Digital Portrait of your choice (valued at $195).

What to expect?

It’s all about YOU and your beloved pet!

Some dogs and other pets can be nervous or anxious or even overly excited meeting new people and that’s totally fine. As an animal lover I understand that.

One of my own dogs is a rescue and has needed a lot of patience and reassurance over the past 10 months while he gets used to being allowed inside, on the couch and in the car with us.

 I will meet you at the bottom of the steps so your pets have time to get to know me before coming into the studio. Excited peeing, jumping up, etc is all expected while meeting new animals and the more we can both relax, the better it is for them to be able to relax.  

I adore animals, especially dogs, so I’m more than happy to spend some time with them without the camera until they get comfortable with me or get over the initial excitement of a new person.

Pets are kept contained (on leash, in carry cage, etc) at all times in the studio for their own safety. 

Dogs must be kept on leash at all times, but don’t worry, leads can be Photoshopped out easily. Pets tend to be more obedient when they have their owners undivided attention.

I would love for you to be in the photos with your pets as I love capturing the connection between you and your beloved.

What next?

After your photoshoot, we can either sit down straight away to have a look at your photos, or if your pet is overwhelmed, we can reschedule to another day.

At your Photo Reveal you can choose your favourites and we can talk all things photos, packages and products, and you can let me know which photo you would like as your sneak peek.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to take your photos home with you!

Payment plans are available from only $80 per fortnight and are very easy to set up.

To be honest, I pay almost everything off with payment plans so there’s no judgement from me. It’s easier for me than trying to save up!

Sneak Peeks on social media

Social Media Sneak Peeks are a fun way to show your photos to friends and family. But they ARE NOT COMPULSORY!

Of course it’s great marketing for me and my business, but remember, photoshoots in my studio are all about YOU!


Unless you’ve signed up for a Model Call giving me permission to share your photos, you are NOT obligated to agree to sneak peeks. You can change your mind at any time too!

Your trust is important to me and I would NEVER post anything without your permission. 

Ordering your favourites

I only want you to buy the ones you LOVE!

Would you love a big portrait of your pet on your wall?

Or would you prefer a box of your favourites photos or an album instead?

If you’re thinking about an enlargement or a collection, bring in your wall measurements to give us an idea of what sized photos would fit your preferred space. 

Centered over your couch or bed?

The choice is yours!

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