Fine Art Pet Portraits


My life is not the same without a beloved dog in it, and I’m happy to say that many, many people agree with me. If this is you, then we should chat!

My dogs aren’t just pets to me, they’re my fur kids and I love them and spoil them as all good boys and good girls should be. And just a tip; all dogs are good dogs!

The only problem with dogs is that they don’t live as long as their humans. That’s why I love capturing photos of dogs and the connection between dogs and their people, a photo can last for generations.

I adore cats too, but unfortunately they make me itchy, but I can’t stop myself cuddling them! I don’t even regret it …. until I can’t sleep from the itch! haha

Having said that, I will be doing dedicated ‘cat portrait days’ where I take an anti-histamine for a day or 2 and capture some amazing memories of moggies and their people!

Other pets are welcome too of course and for the very big ones; horses, cows, pigs, etc I’m happy to come to your space!


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