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Brought to you by Award Winning Professional Portrait Photographer, Kelly Asmus Albornoz, the Glamour Experience is a more reserved Women’s Empowerment Session featuring photos fully clothed as you can see on this page. Women are pampered by a professional hair and make up artist at the start of their session while they’re interviewed and nurtured by Kelly, slowly building up their confidence to shine through once they’re in front of the camera.

These women are given the Freedom To Shine!

The reason that it’s called an Experience instead of a photoshoot is because it’s so much more than coming into the studio, getting a few photos and then going home. The whole Experience is designed to empower the customer to be able to appreciate who they have become, reconnect with who they ‘used to be’ and fully embrace who they are now. They get to see themselves as others see them. While we level the playing field between the ‘everyday’ women and the women in magazines, giving them the same professional hair and make up, the same professional posing, lighting and photography; they get to be pampered like a celebrity while they’re in the studio!

Created especially for us Mums, who lose ourselves in amongst the sleepless nights, stretch marks, babies, nappies, meltdowns and responsibilities, all while being held together with love and hugs, having a ‘Time Out’ just to be ourselves for a few hours is priceless! Reconnecting with the fun-loving woman we were before we became responsible for other humans that we grew in our bodies, reconnecting to the inner child while playing dress-ups in the dressing room, complete with glamorous dresses and outfits, jewellery and laughing together.

Open to all women! You don’t have to be a burnt out Mum, an overworked employee or an under-appreciated partner to get the most out of this Experience, we’re all just as worthy!

Photos of studio in a carousel, dressing room, HMUA at work, etc. Plus Book Now button to Studio Ninja Calendar.

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